I know you’re used to being told the story of our windows, but you’re actually interested in knowing the truth about your windows.
So let’s talk a little bit about how your windows are made:
If you watched our presentation video, you could see how, with the help of the latest technology and some robots, we produce over 100 windows in exchange every day.
When they leave the production lines, the technical control and quality manager checks them to ensure that all the production norms related to the CE Marking have been observed.
To make sure that your windows are of the best quality, every year some of them are directed to independent laboratories where water, air, wind and fire resistance are checked.
But perhaps the most important test is that of accelerated aging where we aim to see what happens to your windows after 10 and even 20 years after installation.
It is very important to take into account the fact that not only the profile from which the window is made represents a thermal and acoustic comfort factor.
So you have to give a little time to check the interior fittings, the type of glass that is incorporated and the hardware used. Remember that a window or door closes and opens thousands of times – choose quality hardware to fully enjoy the comfort of your home.